Student Information

Students have been an integral part of the syposium for many years now.  Part of the charge for all members to attend includes money to cover student attendance.  Students receive the proceedings book as well as all meals and breaks for a low fee of $75.  This fee is NOT refundable.  Students take part in the meeting just like any other member.  For people in the job market, this can be great exposure to employers and future associates. 

Registration is limited to 40 students and there are also limits this year on the maximum number of students/school.  Preference will be given to more senior students.  Interested students should send Sonya Mulder an email  ( identifying their school and class year as soon as possbile. 

 Student registration fee is $75.  On March 2nd, the fee increases to $125.

  Students need to arrange registration through Sonya Mulder.  There is no online registration for students.

The fee is NOT refundable.

If you have more questions, click on the Request Information and send the Symposium co-ordinators an email.  The Symposium Co-Chairs are Mark Thomas and Sonya Mulder.  Roger Saltman is the treasurer.  There are numerous others that help organize parts of the conference.  We meet at AABP to start making the agenda.  We then go to make our contacts to set things up.  We communicate via email to make the final arrangements for the Symposium.

Thanks for considering the Northeast Dairy Production Medicine Symposium!




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