2018 Symposium Proceedings

Below are individually linked files for each of the speakers' presentations.


Finance & practice management workshop

Finance And Practice Management Workshop: Economic Overview
Michael R. Dicks, PhD  - Mike Dicks

Practice Profitability: On the Trail To Success -- Stith Keiser

Evidence Based Practice Management -- Melissa Maddux

How I've used this approach to grow my practice (Slides -- Paper)
     - Dr. Arn Anderson

Producing quality milk: Avoiding the pitfalls & embracing technologies 
     - Dr. Brandon Treichler

Avoiding residues in cattle
     - Dr. Geoff Smith

Genomic selection for improved feed efficiency – prospects, challenges, and impact
     - Dr. Kent Weigel

Managing cows to improve feed efficiency and sustainability
     - Dr. Mike Vandehaar

Shark Tank
     - Stith Keiser

Common myths in treating calf diarrhea
     - Dr. Geoff Smith

Designing calving areas that support natural behavior 
     - Dr. Peter Krawczel

How searching for the perfect monitor let me back to the farm
     - Dr. Mike Kristula

Assessing dairy health opportunities: Bulk tank and bedding pathogens
     - Dr. Paula Ospina